The Use of Hormonal Replacement Therapy to Get Rid of Aging



The idea of natural hormone replacement therapy has come. It is the newest and most updated approach in getting rid of the process of aging science could actually offer. This is also known as bioidentical hormone therapy, it gives a change for both men and women to have longer and healthier lives. But how does this work? Does this anti-aging natural hormone therapy really effective?


As we get older, the hormonal system of the body does not work the way it does when we were younger, this cause significant drop in many of the hormonal levels that our bodies need. Hormones function like a chemical messengers that will attach or join to the cells in order to give instructions on what the cells must do. Amazingly, this is just like a computer software which is inside our body! In the absence of this programming system, our bodies would surely not function well and damage our health.


Natural male hormone replacement therapy could provide hormone supplementation that have decrease its levels during the process of aging and aid in preventing unwanted effects brought by low levels of significant hormones. This is a medical fact, but there are several disagreements on how this should be done.


Before the launching of natural hormone replacement therapy at, experts are already using synthetic hormones in order to supplement the hormones that have already declined. However, these hormones are not similar at a certain molecular degree to what our bodies could make, and so inflict more harmful side effects like heart diseases or breast cancer.


These synthetic or chemical-based hormones were manufactured in a way that it can be patented by pharmaceutical companies and sold for profit. Since a natural molecule can't be patented, these pharmaceuticals would modify or adjust the molecule just sufficient to get it patented. These molecular modifications are the reasons of the side effects. For more facts about testosterone, visit this website at


Keep in mind that bioidentical hormone therapy is made by experts by utilizing hormones that while they were prepared synthetically, are just similar to what the body creates. Due to this fact, these do not create the side effects like what patented hormones do. This kind of therapy can be obtained from physicians who specialize in anti-aging medicine. These experts study all therapies for anti-aging aside from them being doctors. Remember that D.O.s and M.D.s are the doctors that could get you this. There are already a lot of organizations that have certified doctors in giving this therapy, so you could easily find one that is in your location. Among these organizations are A4M or American Academy of Anti-Aging and BodylogicMD.

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